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New, Improved, Yes

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Okay, I’ve just had some help trying to update and functionalize my website from Barb Asselin

Hopefully this will make it easier for everyone to follow and navigate. i shall try to do my job and be a better updater. I do like blogs and blogging but I honestly don’t know if folks want to follow text paragraphs from someone like me. However, I’m not a visual person so I’m not going to Snapchat or Instagram, I’m not going to post regular videos. This is my best way of telling parts of my personal story right now. So sure, I’ll try and throw some stuff out there and see what comes out.

I’ve tried to start some blogs before on some of my passions. I kind of figured at the time it made more sense to have them on the free WordPress platform and keep them up. However, I think now that it’s best if i keep up my own site for as long as I’m still creating and producing. So here it is. I’ve got a bunch of stuff on the go right now so I’ll try to give you some insight on how things go.